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Following its invasion and military occupation of the northern part of Cyprus, Turkey forcibly expelled from their homes more than 162.000 Greek Cypriots.  These include 20.000 enclaved people who remained in the occupied areas after the invasion but who over the years have been forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge in the government-controlled areas.  Refugees constitute a quarter of the total population of the island. 

Until 2005 Greek Cypriot had no access to the occupied areas of the island.  With the agreement of giving access at crossing points on 01.05.2005 Greek Cypriots now have the right to visit their own land using their passports to enter, as if in a different state.  They are able to visit the areas, but have no right to enter their own properties or exploit their own lands that were forcibly abandoned in 1974 due to the Turkish occupation.  A large proportion on the properties from which Greek Cypriot owners were expelled, was unlawfully distributed to and is currently being used by the tens of thousands of Turkish Cypriots and of Turkish settlers illegally brought into the occupied area by Turkey to change the demographic structure of Cyprus.   


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