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In 2007 the Chair of the Community Council communicated for the first time with people at Masari in Rhode island, to investigate the possibility of initiating procedures for twinning the two Communities that bear the same name.

In July 2007, six persons from the two official bodies of Massari (Community Council and AEM) visited the Masari community in Rhode and participated in four-days events organized by their Community and Church councils.

In January 2008 the first official visit of representatives from the Rhode Masari community took place.  10 people arrived and participated in events on 16-18.01.2008.  They were transported to the Katzilos area, where they could view the occupied village, participated in a tour to the “emprisioned tombs”, the Ledra barricade, to archaeological sites and the Metropolis of Morfou.  They were informed of the Cyprus problems and committed themselves to promote the issue of twinning the two communities to the ArchangelosMunicipality in Rhode in which they belong. 

During the third official meeting of the two communities that took place in July 2008 the Chair of the Massari CC Cyprus, Dr Eleftherios Antoniou, had a personal meeting with the vice-prefect of Rhode Mr Fotios Hadjidiakou and discussed the possibility of approving the twining of the two communities. 

A delegation of 40 individuals arrived on January 16th, 2009 from the Community of Masari Rhode in Cyprus to participate in the Annual events organized by the Community Council and AEM (16-18.01.2009).  On 17.01.2009 at the Annual Celebrations and in the presence of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Cyprus Mr Neokli Sylikioti they signed a “pre agreement” of twining between the Chair of Masari Rhode Community Mr Christos Nikita and the Chair of the CC Massari Cyprus Dr. Eleftherios Antoniou. 

In September 2009 the Community Council received an official notification from the Council of the Rhode´s Archangelos Municipality indicating their intention to go ahead with their twinning with the Massari Community in Cyprus.  On January 17th, 2010 the Annual Celebration that took place in Nicosia, hosted the official act of the twinning.  The act was signed on behalf of the ArchangelosMunicipality by the Mayor of Archangelos, Mr Alexandros Pappouras, and on behalf of the Massari Community Council by the Chair Dr Eleftherios Antoniou.  The signature took place in the presence of 70 individuals who arrived especially for this celebration from the island of Rhode and hundreds of Massari villagers and honorary guests.  The celebration took place at the Ceremonial Hall of the Kikkos Monastery in Archangelos, Nicosia.


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